Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid which contains 85% technical H3PO4.

Packaging: 8kg, 15kg, 20kg, 35kg


* Contact with exports department or technical assistant for more information.



Phosphoric acid is suitable for:

-Descale hoses

1) For crops that are planted put 4kg / 10 cubic meters of water

2) For non-planted crops put 5-10 kg / 10 cubic meters of water

– Fertilization with Phosphorus

– Correction of pH


Phosphoric acid technical 85%

P2O5 61%

AS2O3 0.001%

Pb 0.001%

Cu 0.001%

Fe 0.002%

Cr 0.006%


4Lt/10m3 of water


  • It is recommended to check its compatibility with other products before use.
  • Not combined with chemical fertilizers (iron, etc.)
  • Not combined with fertilizers containing Calcium or Magnesium
  • Before applying it and afterwards, clean the irrigation system (especially metal parts).

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