• Introduction of specialized agricultural products
    Introduction of specialized agricultural products
    and application of new technologies
  • Our intention…
    Our intention…
    the distribution of products that will help increase the competitiveness
    of the farmer in the increasingly demanding global market.
  • Our Products
    Our Products
    commerce of agrochemical and agricultural products

Agricultural Fertilizers & Minerals

Pantelis Panagiotis and Pantelis Nikolaos founded AGRI.FE.M Ltd in 1991, in Athens. The company’s purpose is the commerce of agrochemical and agricultural products, as well as their promotion in the greek and international market. AGRIFEM supplies agricultural partnerships, shops selling pesticides and supplies, incubators, industries. Since 1994, the company has made gradually more and more exports, thus has accumulated considerable knowledge and experience of foreign markets.

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Zeolite is a natural mineral, which when volcanic rocks and layers of ashes react with alcaline underground waters. Some call it "the stone of life" or "magic stone". Its name comes from the words zeo, which means boil in greek and, lithos, which means stone. When zeolite is heated, it emits in the form of bubbles the water it has contained, giving the impression of boiling.Apart from agriculture, zeolite is also used in stockraising, in fisheries, in bio cleaning and in medicine. ...read more

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Agricultural Fertilizers & Minerals
Agricultural Fertilizers & Minerals