Our History

Pantelis Panagiotis and Pantelis Nikolaos founded AGRI.FE.M Ltd in 1991, in Athens.

The company’s purpose is the commerce of agrochemical and agricultural products, as well as their promotion in the greek and international market. AGRIFEM supplies agricultural partnerships, fertilizer shops, supply stores and industries.

Since 1994, the company has made gradually more and more exports, thus has accumulated considerable knowledge and experience of foreign markets.


Sampling and analysis

Sampling and analysis of agricultural soil, in order to determine its composition so as to determine the best combination of fertilizers and other agricultural products


Promotion of agricultural fertilizers in respective shops, partnerships, farmers etc across the country.


Continuous support of famers and agricultural shops from our highly trained agronomists.

"Conditions change, but goals
remain the same"

In the following years AGRIFEM will pursue to achieve its position and share in both the domestic as well as international market.



AGRIFEM’s intention is the distribution of products which will contribute to the increase of competitiveness of the famer’s in the increasingly demanding world market. The company contributes to the production of high quality, friendly to the environment products.


AGRIFEM plans to consolidate in the domestic and european market as a competitive company in the production of fertilizers and various agricultural products. To achieve this goal, the company aims to:

  • Produce even more friendly to the environment products
  • Utilize investment products
  • Exploit the company’s ability to study the needs of the clients and to propose the best solution
  • To further reduce the production cost which will enhance its competiveness in the international market
  • Take advantage of accumulated gained knowledge and the opportunities that the close collaboration with its subsidiary company in the field of chemical analysis and testing give
Αral photo
Αral photo


Aral Ltd provides substancial support in the activities of AGRIFEM.

Aral was the first private soil analysis laboratory in Greece. Its main activities include soil analysis, natural tissue analysis, water and fertilizer analyisis.

Aral’s lab is certified by the National Accreditation System (certificate Nr 232) according to the demands of ISO/IEC 17025. It is the only laboratory in Greece and the Balcans included in the Certified Reference Materials του Bureau of Analysed Samples LTD catalogue.

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