Composition In packs of
Cuprum 1,8% w/w  Availiable in packs of 1 lt, 5 lt, 12 lt, 20 lt and subpackages
Manganese 0,80% w/w
Zinc 0,60% w/w

Bonbon is a biostimulant that contains carbohydrates and other natural organic elements as well as nitrogen and microelements. The formulation has a high stimulatory effect which strengthens, because of balanced proportions of its constituents, the defense system of plants.

Recommended for use especially during periods of growth when the nutritional needs of plants is higher, in order to enhance their metabolic activity. These results are achieveddue to a high penetrating organic element that provides plants with components associated with the growth factors, such as zinc and manganese, which also stimulate growth.

Bonbon is recommended for all types of crops. It is suitable for outdoor and greenhouse crop as well as seedbeds.

Applications – doses

Because Bonbon is perfectly assimilable, it can be applied by spraying the leaves or the root along with other fertilizers and plant protection products. Best times of application are morning or afternoon.

General dose: 
Spray: 250-500cc/100 lt
Irrigation system: 300-500cc/acre


Can be combined with most of the fertilizers and pesticide formulations. In any case, a compatibility test is advised.

Not to be combined with oils.