Composition Available in packs of
8% Cu  (HEEDTA) 1 lt

The Cello-Cu is formed by the chelation of copper in order to be used as the source of this element to correct deficiencies due to lack or imbalance in assimilation. Thanks to the chelator of copper, absorption is rapid and complete by plants.

The range of pH at which the formulation is stable and guaranteed, is from 3 to 10.

The Cello-Cu prevents and cures copper nutrient deficiencies in soils with high organic matter and those receiving high phosphorus units. The application is better at the beginning of the growing season when there is enough leaf surface to absorb the medicine.

Do not apply during flowering.

Recommended for all types of crops such as fruit trees, citrus, olive, vine, potato, vegetables, cereals and ornamentals .

Due to the high absorptive capability, it can be applied either by spraying the foliage or root through all irrigation systems. The foliar application is recommended for maximum effectiveness.

  • Do not use with long hours of sunshine.
  • Not to be combined with oils, copper compounds, sulfur and alkaline formulations behavior.
Crops Dose Applications
Root Foliar
Greenhouse vegetables 50-100cc/acre 50-100cc/100 lt    2-4
Vegetables rural 50-100cc/acre 50-100cc/100 lt    2-4
Citrus trees 150-100cc/acre 100-350cc/100 lt    2-4
Fruit trees, vines, olive 150-100cc/acre 100-350cc/100 lt    2-4
Cereals, ornamental 50-100cc/acre 50-100cc/100 lt    2-4