Activator with seaweed, aminoacids, natural hormones, micro organisms, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides.

The Elixir stimulates root development and improves absorption of nutrients after transplanting or when there is a need for recovery of the cultivation or during periods of intense need for nutrient uptake.

Application and dosage

Young orchards:
4-5 applications of 300-400cc/acre after transplantation. Every two weeks.

In early spring and summer. Two applications of 500cc/acre each.

Fruit trees and olive trees:
At the beginning of each growing season. Apply two to three times 500 cc / acre in the first month.

Vegetables, strawberries, cotton, ornamentals after transplanting:
With the first watering after transplanting, 300-400cc/acre.

Alfalfa, clover and cereals:
With the first irrigations after seeding 100-150cc/acre apply to some irrigations during the first month.

Other applications:
When root growth is delayed due to cold temperatures or stress.


  • Do not mix with oils, sulfur, copper and very acidic products.
  • Shake well before use.
  • After use, allow the water to run through the irrigation system.
  • Do not store in another container other than the original packaging.

In packs of 1 lt.