Fertilizer with trace elements

Composition Availiable in packs of
Nitrogen (Ν) total: 7% 1kg, 500gr, 250gr,5kg
Phosphorus (P2O5): 36% 100% water soluble
Βoron (Β): 3%
Μanganese (Mn): 2%
Molybdenum (Mo): 2%


Apply 15 days before bloom and every 15 days after that.
Foliar: 100-300 gr/100 Lt water
Root: 250 gr/acre
Hydroponics: 10-30 gr/100 Lt water

Suitable for:

Citrus, fruit trees, cotton, olives, potatoes, vegetables, strawberry.


The Labicuaje Tomato is compatible with most agrochemicals. Due to its high concentration of phosphorus it can not be mixed with solutions of magnesium, copper and iron. Also it cannot be mixed with sulfur and oil.