Composition Available in packs of
Boron 0.65% w/w 1 lt
Manganese 2.50% w/w
Copper 0.40% w/w
Molybdenum 0.05% w/w
Ferrum 3.55% w/w
Zinc 3.12% w/w

The minerals are in a chelated form except from boron and molybdenum.

It is a mixture of components in such proportions that its use helps to achieve proper nutritional balance or to correct malnutrition problems. Because of its acidic behavior and the properties of the chelating agent, it is rapidly absorbed by the plants. It is known that the presence of trace elements increases the activation of the enzymatic process and intensifyes the metabolism of plants.

It is recommended to apply for the duration of the biological cycle of the plants, particularly at critical stages.

Can be combined with the more familiar fertilizers and plant protection products.