Activator that increases the endurance of plants. Suitable for standard crops. 100% natural plant extracts


Α. Through soil: First application 300cc per acre after the transplantation. Repeats every 10 to 20 days should follow, depending on the soil temperatures, in doses from 0.5-1 lt per acre.

Β. In 100 kg of water add 1 liter of NEMO. Then put 1/3 of water in the container and add any other chemicals. Fill the container with water or fertilizer and shake. Add the correct ratio of NEMO and shake the container well before use.

C. To avoid phytotoxicity phenomena a small test is advised


Due to the risk of phytotoxicity, apply NEMO in the late afternoon or evening, especially in warm periods.

Availiable in packs of 1 lt, 5 lt, 12 lt, 20 lt and subpackages