Composition In packs of
3% w/w nitrogen 1 lt
15% w/w potassium,water soluble
0,08% w/w boron, water soluble
0,045% w/w cuprum, water soluble
0,09% w/w ferrum, water soluble
0,04% w/w manganese, water soluble
0,001% w/w molybdenum, water soluble
0,045% w/w Zinc, water soluble

Potassium-based foliar fertilizer, rich in minerals.

Due to formation of sugars, it accelerates growth, matures the fruit as well as promotes its immidiate coloring. It also improves the strength of the fruits, during storage and transportation.


Foliar application during the development phase of the fruit before it changes color and 2-3 weeks after the color change.

For crops with staggered harvest applications should continue every 15 days.