Natural Oil

Availiable in packs of 1lt, 5lt, 12lt, 20lt and subpackages


  • Usual Dosage: 750cc/100lt water
  • For heavy infestations: 1000cc/100lt water.
  • In no case we exceed 1000 cc /100 lt water.
  • In case of application with PERMA, reduce the doses of both in half.


  • Troll product is useful in plant diseases (eg mites, whiteflies and aphids.)
  • Mix well before use. Do not mix with cold water or in temperatures lower than 10 degrees because it will solidify. If something like that occurs place the bottle in a warm room or leave it in hot water.
  • Very good wetting. Must not run on the leaf.
  • To regulate pH in 5 the use of BB5 is recommended.
  • To avoid phytoxicity phenomena a small test is advised