Composition In packs of
Potassium 6% 1 lt
pH (10%) 10,92

Alkaline solution. Pesticides and nutrients that are mixed in the tank should be suitable for alkaline water conditions. Avoid mixing with acidic solutions and non-chelated trace elements because it can cause precipitation of salts. It is recommended to test in a small container for compatibility.

Mixing Instructions:

  • Fill 2/3 of the desired volume of water tank
  • Add adhesives reinforcing agents (if required) and mix well
  • Add pesticides, if necessary, and stir until thoroughly mixed
  • Add the required amount of Zugro Polas and stir until thoroughly mixed
  • Fill the remainder of tank with water


Foliar: 250-400сс/100lt water per application during development. Do not mix with liquid fertilizers with non-chelated micronutrients or acidic products.

Application through soil: 1-1,5 lt / acre per application during development.