Composition Available in packs of
7,3% Zn 1 lt

Can be combined with many agrochemicals. The optimum dosage depends on soil properties such as pH, organic matter, soil texture, climatic conditions, time of application, general state of cultivation and crop. For best results follow the results of leaf analysis or soil analysis.

A small test to check the compatibility of mixing of different products is advised.

Avoid mixing with phosphate fertilizers or strongly alkaline solutions.

Mixing Instructions :

  • Fill tank with water by 1/3
  • Add (if required) adherent agents and mix well
  • Add insecticides (if required) and mix well
  • Add the desired amount of Zugro ZMF and mix well
  • Fill the pan with the remaining water


Foliar : 200-400cc per acre per application, throughout the development period for maintenance. At least three applications are suggested. To correct deficiencies apply more frequently at doses of 300cc/acre with the appearance of the first symptoms.

Citrus and fruit trees : Apply after flowering in doses 800-1600cc/acre. Ensure full coverage.

Fertigation : Apply through drop at doses 400-800cc/acre. Do not apply phosphate fertilizers or strongly alkaline solutions.

Pre-emergent : Apply at doses 400-800cc/acre.