Fully water soluble urea 46 – 0 – 0 as a source of nitrogen.

Packaging: 125kg, 240kg


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Urea is the richest source of nitrogen in crops and its action is slow, as it must first be converted to nitrate to be absorbed by plants. It is recommended not to apply to soils with very high or very low moisture content and low pH (acidic).

Simple urea is applied by drop irrigation, while low diurea or Technical (zero urea) can also be applied by foliar application, since there is no risk of burns in plants.


46 – 0 – 0

Diurea percentage

 2Diurea ≤0.8%

 1Low diurea ≤0.5%

 1Technical diurea = 0


Combines with all products.


It is advisable to carry out a soil analysis and/or leaf analysis to determine the required dosage.

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