Labifol Bioproof Evo

Labifol Bioproof Evo contains natural organic acids for immediate stimulation of plant defense, suitable for use in organic farming.

Packaging: 1Lt


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Labifol Bioproof Evo is a product containing natural organic acids that directly and effectively induce plant defense through the synthesis of defense substances, proteins and coenzymes.

Thanks to LABIN SMARTECH technology, natural organic acetates enhance and improve the process of boron and molybdenum absorption by the plant.


  • Increase the total production
  • No residues
  • Improving plant health

It is not a plant protection product, but it works in synergy with them.


Boron 0.9% w/w

Molybdenum 1.1% w/w

Organic acids

pH <1


Foliar application: 100-300 cc/100 Lt


It is compatible with most common agrochemicals, except of oils, high alkaline products and preparations. It is recommended to test for compatibility.

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