Auxiliary substance in plant growth suitable for use in organic production

Packaging: 250 cc, 500 cc. 1 Lt, 10 Lt


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Advantages of Mykos are:

  • Rejuvenation, improvement, regulation and enhancement of plant metabolism
  • Stimulate the development of new roots and enhance the preservation of the existing root system
  • Increase the post-harvest life of the products produced
  • Stimulate growth and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables
  • Improves soil quality and structure


Mykos is harmless for beneficial organisms such as bees and other insects. There is no waiting period and it is harmless to humans, animals, plants and water resources.

It is not a plant protection product, but it works in synergy with them.


Plant extracts


Foliar application: 50-200 cc/100 Lt of water per acre

Drip irrigation: 100-200 cc/acre.

Time of application: Mykos can be applied at all stages of plant growth, from the beginning to the end of the harvest, every 7-15 days.

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