SoluSOP bio

SoluSOP is a fully water soluble fertilizer and suitable source of potassium (K) and sulfate (S) suitable for use in organic farming. 

Packaging: 25kg


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SoluSOP is a fully water soluble fertilizer used as a potassium and sulfur source. Organic product free from chloride and sodium and is suitable for use in all vegetative stages of the plant, improving the quality and efficiency of production. Ιts application not only ensures crop growth and yield increase, but also improves crop quality as well as enhancing the tolerance to abiotic stresses such as drought and frost. It is used by foliar application and drip irrigation in all crops. 

Available formulas

0 – 0 – 52 


52 % K2O, water-soluble potassium oxide

45 % SO3, water-soluble sulphur trioxide

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