Turbocalcio Plus

Water-soluble calcium fertilizer with carboxylic acid.

Packaging: 1kg , 2kg, 5kg ,25 kg


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Water-soluble calcium fertilizer, with carboxylic acid for immediate absorption and assimilation of calcium but also other elements, especially potassium due to the quantity and quality of special penetrating agents that help the cations to be absorbed by the plant and internally.  


  • Immediate, easy and effective calcium intake.
  • Ca source, without undesirable anions such as nitrate, sulfate, carbonate or chloride.
  • Suitable for all crops and at any stage. 
  • Suitable for fertigation, due to its complete solubility.

Calcium – CaO 40.5 % w/w
pH: 1.5-2.5


250-350 gr/100 Lt
300-500 gr/acre

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