Alga special

Biostimulant made from seaweed suitable for organic farming.

Packaging: 1 Lt, 5 Lt, 12 Lt


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Alga special is a natural product, made from the cold seaweed of northern Europe, without the addition of macronutrients or trace elements. Alga special is an algae extract at a very high concentration, resulting in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium in small proportions and very rich in trace elements, such as iron, copper, boron and molybdenum.

In addition, Gibberellins, Cytokines, Vitamins, Proteins, Amino Acids and Phytochemicals contained in the product, in a complete natural balance, contribute to the rapid growth of both the plant’s root system and its growth.


  • Increases vegetation
  • Improves the physiological state of plants
  • Helps the absorption of inorganic elements, thereby reducing nutrients
  • Increases plant resistance to diseases and fruit resistance to transport.



6.6% seaweed extracts


Foliar application

Apples and Pears: 250cc/100 Lt

Citrus fruits: 250cc/100 Lt

Vines: 250cc/100 Lt

Vegetables: 200 – 400 cc/100 Lt

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