Liquid nitrogen (N) fertilizer suitable for use in all crops.

Packaging: 1Lt, 5Lt, 12Lt, 20Lt


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ABONO-N contains nutrients that are easily and gradually absorbed by plants while stimulating their growth. In addition, they enhance the plant’s resistance against various stresses (ice, overproduction, phytotoxicity, delayed vegetation, etc.), or when the plants are unable to assimilate soil elements (eg from excessive moisture, drought, root system diseases). etc.).



Total Nitrogen (N) 42.5%

Ammoniacal Nitrogen (N-NH4) 10.4%

Nitrate Nitrogen (N-NO3) 10.9%

Urea (N-NH2) 20.7%

Manganese (Mn) 0.16%

Zinc (Zn) 0.07%



Cultivation Dosage
Oranges, Lemons 200 ml/100 liters of water
Cherries, Apricots,

Apple trees, pears,

Mandarins, Olives,

Vineyards, Plums,

Celery, Hazelnuts,

Peppers, Strawberry,

Melon, Beet, Tomato,

Lettuce, Cucumber

300 ml/100 liters of water
Almonds, Peaches,

Cabbage, Carrot, Potato

Cotton, Onion

450 ml/100 liters of water
Cereals 75 ml/100 liters of water

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