BB5 is a water-correcting pH that contains non-ionic and anionic components. It is suitable for foliar application and drip irrigation.

Packaging: 250 cc, 500 cc, 1 Lt, 5 Lt, 12 Lt


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BB5 is a water quality regulator with a pH indicator and with wetting, dispersing and acidifying capabilities. It is recommended to be combined with systemic and contact insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and foliar fertilizers.



Nitrogen N(NH2): 5%

Phosphorus (P2O5): 18%

Active ingredients: Wetting agents, spreading agents, acidifier, pH indicator, penetrating agents 

pH: 600g/Lt


  • Regulates pH of spray solution
  • Contains a unique which turns the color of the spray water pink upon reaching the optimum pH range of 4.5-5.0
  • Has excellent wetting and spreading properties which improve pesticidal performance (especially herbicides) and reduce the possibility of phytotoxicity.
  • Improves penetration and uptake of systemic pesticides.
  • Improves the compatibility of emulsifiable concentrates with foliar nutrient products.
  • Neutralises certain dissolved salts and decreases the E.C. (Electrical Conductivity) to the optimal pH range.


The use of BB5 aims to::

  1. Absorption
  2. Acidifying
  3. Penetration
  4. pH Regulator
  5. Retention
  6. Spreading 
  7. Wetting



  • pH Regulator

The incorporation of a unique color indicator in BB5 makes it easy to see once the optimal pH range has been obtained. The addition of BB5 to the spray tank will acidify the water and converts water color to pink-red when pH reaches 4.5-5.0.

  • Wetting and spreading

BB5 reduces the surface tension of the spray, allowing its drops to disperse and moist the leaf surface, and thus the effectiveness of the spray.

  • Complexing of harmful salts

BB5 binds with water salts which adversely affect the performance of chemical active substances, such as herbicides.

  • Diffusion

BB5 contributes effectively to the direct diffusion of active substances into the plant, through the upper epidermis of the leaf, ensuring the best spray performance.

  • Acidification

By adding BB5 to the spray tank, the water reaches the optimum pH (4.5-5.0) and turns into pink color. This result in alkaline hydrolysis (chemical decomposition) of the active substances. If a larger amount of BB5 is added to the spray, the pH will be adjusted to 3.0, without further change.



Water hardness rating                                                      Application rate

(ml/100 Lt water)

SOFT 40-50
MEDIUM 50-60
HARD 180-200
VERY HARD 220 and above


Avoid the addition of BB5 to spray solutions containing fungicides and copper (especially acyl chlorides). due to possible phytotoxicity.

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