Carbotecnia Mo – Zn

Carbotecnia Mo – Zn is a product containing Zinc and Molybdenum complexed with carboxylic acid.

Packaging: 1Lt


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Water-soluble molybdenum (Mo) 0.02% w/w and zinc (Zn) 10% w/w complexed with low molecular weight carboxylic acid. The specific agent contributes to the immediate absorption and assimilation of trace elements, correcting and/or preventing their deficiencies.


  • Corrects crop nutrients, reduced growth and reduced flowering and fruiting.
  • It maintains its stability at a wide pH range.
  • Rapid absorption and action on the plant.
  • Proven effectiveness and quality.


Molybdenum (Mo) 0.02% w/w

Zinc (Zn) 10% w/w


Foliar application: 100-400cc 100Lt

Drip irrigation: 500-800gr/acre

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