Water soluble NPK fertilizer suitable for use in all crops.

Packaging: 20kg


* Contact with exports department or technical assistant for more information.

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Water soluble NPK fertilizer, suitable for foliar application and drip irrigation. Nitrogen is in ammonium, uric and nitrate form, while the phosphorus and potassium contained are completely soluble in water. Depending on the vegetative stage of the crop and the soil and leaf analysis, the corresponding types of fertilizer should be used. It is suitable for all greenhouse and outdoor crops (horticultural, trees, floriculture). Types of organic matter, trace elements and/or activators and low pH can be produced on request.


Available formulas:

21 – 21 – 21

12 – 7 – 36 

12 – 12 – 36 

 0 – 45 – 45



Zinc (Zn) EDTA 0.015%

Manganese (Mn) EDTA 0.05%

Iron (Fe) EDTA 0.1%

Copper (Cu) EDTA 0.011%

Molybdenum (Mo) 0.007%

Boron (B) 0.02%

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