Ferrogranul 20

Free-flowing ferrous sulfate

Packaging: 25kg


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Ferrogranul 20 is a product containing 19.5% and is suitable for the prevention and treatment of iron deficiencies in all cultivations. Iron is an essential element in plant growth, since it has a key role in the determination of enzymes involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll, in the respiratory process, and contributes to effective development of the plant’s shoot and root system.

Iron deficiencies are directly correlated with various soil properties such as:

  • soil pH> 6.5
  • a small percentage of organic matter
  • high amounts of water in the rhizosphere – poor drainage or frequent watering
  • high concentrations of zinc, manganese and copper or high concentrations of calcium in combination with low concentrations of magnesium


Iron 19.5%

Magnesium (Mg) 0.7 % 

Calcium (Ca) 0.3 % 

Manganese (Mn) 0.04 % 

Sulfur (S) 12.1 % 

Insolubles < 0.6 %


Trees: 100-200gr/tree

Citrus: up to 500gr/tree in cases of deficiencies

Vegetables: 50-70gr/plant

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