Labifol potassico 50v

Liquid fertilizer with high potassium concentration, fully soluble and digestible.

Packaging: 1Lt, 5Lt


* Contact with exports department or technical assistant for more information.

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Easily assimilated by plants, it can be applied via foliar and / or root. Its penetration, translocation and assimilation are favored by its complete formulation that guarantees its optimal result. Improves the color, size, appearance and overall the quality of the fruit.


Ureic Nitrogen 3% p/p
Potassium (K2O)  33% p/p
Copper (Cu) 0.03% p/p


Foliar application: 2-3Lt/1000Lt νερό

Drip irrigation: 0.7-2Lt/στρ


Compatible with all the agricultural products except oils. Do not mix with alkaline products.

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