Labinor N-10

Nitrogen fertilizer with organic substance suitable for organic agriculture.

Packaging: 40kg


* Contact with exports department or technical assistant for more information.

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It is an organic, natural fertilizer made from keratin rich animal by-products (hair, skin, etc.). It is absolutely stable and comes in the form of spherical tablets. Its high organic nitrogen content, without the addition of other metallic types, guarantees slow, steady absorption. It is a natural, slowly released fertilizer, free of additives and synthetic ingredients. Because of its protein origin, the Labinor N-10 is fully digestible. The product can be used as a fertilizer in Organic farming.

Available formulas:
10 – 0 – 0 + 70% organic matter

Total nitrogen (N) 10% w / w        
Nitrogen organic 10% w / w        
Organic carbon C 40% w / w        
 pH: 7.0 -8.0



It is combined with most commonly used agrochemicals, with the exception of oils and highly alkaline reaction products. It should not apply to edible parts of the plant.

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