Micropower Eco

Liquid fertilizer consisting of a chelated micronutrients suitable for use in organic farming.

Packaging: 1 Lt, 5 Lt


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Micropower eco is a mixture of chelated micronutrients, except from boron and molybdenum which are inorganic in proportions which make the product capable of preventing and correcting deficiencies through its nutritional balance. Due to its acidic behavior, as well as the properties of the chelating agent, it is absorbed by plants immediately. The presence of trace elements increases the activation of enzymatic processes and intensifies the metabolism of plants. 


Boron (B): 0.65% w/w

Manganese (Mn): 2.50% w/w

Copper (Cu): 0.40% w/w

Molybdenum (Mo): 0.05% w/w

Iron (Fe): 3.55% w/w

Zinc (Zn): 3.12% w/w



Cultivation Method of application
Foliar Drip irrigation
Vegetables (Greenhouse & Outdoors) – Potato- Cotton-Cereals-Ornamental 150-250cc /100Lt 200-300cc /acre
Fruit-Citrus-Olive -Vine 200-250cc /100Lt 200-300cc /acre


It is combined with well-known fertilizers other than alkaline and mineral oils.

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