Plex Zn

EC fertilizer containing zinc (Zn) for foliar application and drip irrigation.

Packaging: 1 Lt, 5 Lt, 20 Lt


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PLEX Zn is zinc in lignosulfonate form. The optimum dose depends on soil properties such as pH, organic matter, soil texture, climatic conditions, application time, general condition of the crop and type of crop. It is an organic product which can be combined with many agrochemical products and is suitable for use in organic farming.



Zinc (Zn): 7.5% w/w,  9.15 w/v

pH: 6


Foliar application:

Vegetables – Greenhouses:  50 – 250cc/100 Lt of water

Outdoor Vegetables:  50 – 250cc/100 Lt water

Citrus fruits:  200 – 400cc/100 Lt of water

Fruit trees – Olive: 100 – 400cc/100 Lt water

Corn: 200 – 400cc/100 Lt of water

Drip irrigation: 400 – 800cc/acre


Do not apply with strong alkaline solutions.

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