Sulphur Afepasa 80 WG

Contact fungicide with protective action.

Packaging: 1kg, 2kg


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Contact fungicide with protective action.

Guaranteed Composition:

Sulfur 80% w/w

Auxiliary substances 19.19% w/w

Safety interval between application and access of human or animal to the cultivation applicable to the preparation: 4 hours (until the spraying liquid is completely dried on the leaves.)


  1. Applications are preventive and are provided as long as conditions favor the development of diseases.
  2. The dose range is proportional to the intensity of the infestation and the stage of development of the plant.
  3. In the areas where apples, stone fruits, vineyards and tomatoes are cultivated, agricultural alert programs shall be followed.
  4. Stop spraying at least 2-3 weeks before harvesting the beetroot.



Cultivation Scope of Purpose Dosage Method and time of application Maximum number of applications per growing season / application interval


gr/στρ (max.) gr/100Lt of spray volume of spray Lt/στρ
Pome fruits

Apple tree



Mildew (Podosphaera leucotricha) 750 500-750 40-100 Up to 6 applications are recommended from the onset of the first symptom of the disease. 6/ 10-14
Stone fruits

Peach tree



Mildew (Sphaerotheca pannosa) 750 500-750 80-100 Up to 6 applications are recommended from the onset of the first symptom of the disease. 6/ 10-14
Olive tree (Halkidiki green olive variety) Eriophyidae family mites 384 320 100-120 Spraying foliar. Application at the flowering stage (April) & at the beginning of the petals (flowering end). 2/30

(table and wine grapes)

Mildew (Uncinula necator) 400 275-400 20-100 Up to 8 applications are recommended, including stages: 5-leaf growth, flowering principle, flowering, fruiting, 4 weeks before harvest, 3 weeks before harvest, 2 weeks before harvest, and 5 days before harvest. 8/7

(open field)

Mildew (Leveillula spp.) 200 150-200 30-100 Up to 6 applications are recommended from the onset of the first symptom of the disease. 6/10
Sugar beet (Tetranychus urticae) 480 240-480 40-100 With the onset of the attack and the reoccurrence as it progresses 3


Do not apply the product 10 days before or after application with paraffinic oil and alkali reaction preparations. Avoid mixing with emulsifiable formulations. Special agricultural, plant health or environmental conditions under which the formulation can be used or excluded: Sulfur does not operate at a temperature below 18 ° C. It works best at temperatures above 20 ° C.

Avoid application when temperatures are above or above 30 ° C. Do not apply when it is blowing.

Phytotoxicity elements: Not phytotoxic to recommended uses and doses. For application to new sensitive varieties, a small-scale trial is recommended. It can cause herbalism in some varieties of apple, pear (eg D’ANJOU) and apricot.

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