Ammonium molybdate

Ammonium molybdate is a water soluble  fertilizer with a content of 54% of molybdenum.

Packaging: 250gr, 500gr


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Ammonium molybdate is a water soluble molybdenum fertilizer (ammonium molybdate and sodium molybdate are the two types of molybdenum that can be used in hydroponics) and its content is 54%. This high molybdenum content contributes to the immediate and more effective prevention and/or correction of molybdenum deficiencies, the activation and function of nitrogen and phosphorus metabolism, the synthesis and function of chlorophyll as well as the homogeneity of flowering. The use of molybdenum in crops is essential, especially in those with acidic soils, low pH and low levels of organic matter, characteristic of which are high levels of molybdenum tropopenia.



Molybdenum (Mo) 54%

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