Amino-phos 40

Amino-phos 40 is a fertilizer containing 40% phosphorus and amino acids.

Packaging: 6kg, 15kg


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Amino-phos 40, due to its composition, is suitable for horticulture applications mainly during the transplanting of crops and in the early stages of plants, for the rapid development of the root system. In tree crops it is recommended to apply it at the beginning of the growing season, in the early germination stages. Due to the amino acid content of the product, phosphorus is readily available and absorbed by the plant, resulting in the plant’s rapid installation and the creation of a robust and healthy root system. Shows excellent results in alkaline pH soils.

Recommended for all crops.



Phosphorus (P2O5): 40% w/w

Amino Acids: Alaline, Arginine, Asparagic Acid, Cysteine, Lysine, Leucine etc.


Drip irrigation: 10-20 kg/acre

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