Carbotecnia Fe

Carbotecnia Fe is a product containing 5% iron complexed with carboxylic acid.

Packaging: 20Lt


* Contact with exports department or technical assistant for more information.



Carbotecnia Fe contains 5% iron and is complexed with low molecular weight carboxylic acid. This specific agent contributes to the immediate absorption and absorption of iron by correcting and/or preventing its nutrients.



  • Corrects  and avoids problems caused by iron deficiencies such as:
    • Decrease in plant production and development.
    • Defoliation, small fruits, premature ripening.
    • Decrease in chlorophyll levels.
  • Maintains its stability over a wide pH range.
  • Immediate absorption and involvement of Fe in the various physiological processes of the plant.
  • High efficiency and quality of the product produced



Iron (Fe) 5% w/w



Foliar application: 200-400cc/100 Lt

Drip irrigation: 500-800 cc/acre


Do not combine with copper, sulfur and calcium. Apply during the afternoon.

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